The Sindbad Submarine Super Adventure

January 27, 2023

Did you know there are only 14 real recreational submarines in the whole wide world? Guess where two of them are. Yes, here at Sindbad Club in Hurghada. They are the only submarines in Africa and the Middle East!

Surely you have heard of Sindbad The Sailor and his maritime adventures. We are now speaking of experiences. Our submarines take you down into the deep underwater world of the Red Sea! You are in for an unforgettable journey aboard the Sindbad Submarines.

See with your own eyes what is living in the Red Sea at depths of 25 meters during a 60-minute underwater safari. Experience the sights, sounds, and scenes of marine life beneath the waves!

Our climate-controlled cabin seats 44 passengers. You will be gliding comfortably over 500 meters of coral reef below the azure and cobalt surface of the Red Sea in your private seat. Your porthole is your window to the fantastic underwater scenery of flora, fauna, and marine habitat. 

Upon descending, you will enter the fantastic world of the Red Sea to observe all kinds of vibrant fish and colorful corals. An intriguing world of fish and marine creatures is waiting for you below the sea surface. As the submarine descends towards the colorful reef, peer through the portholes with their unique panoramic lens at fish that swim within inches of the submarine windows. 

Treat yourself to peace and calm in this fantastic underwater world beneath the waves. Along the way, listen to live informative commentary from our guide over the sound system.

The history of our house reef dates back to 1998 when a group of 20 scientists, specialised in marine life and the ecological environment, created this reef using natural dry applying unique molding materials and techniques. Sindbad Experiences commissioned a fantastic effort to preserve marine life and create an environment that breathes life into the Red Sea near Hurghada.
This is a beautiful aquatic adventure for families and guests of all ages. You are in good hands with our two seasoned pilots and crew. The Sindbad Submarine Adventure is a great way to explore the Red Sea underwater without getting your hair wet!

We provide point-to-point transfer from your hotel to our terminal, including land-sea passage. 
Each passenger will get a certification after completing the underwater adventure along the coral reefs of the Red Sea near Hurghada in Egypt. 
Sindbad Submarines were manufactured in Finland, ensuring a sophisticated and high level of safety and reliability. The submarines were constructed to cope with an underwater pressure of up to 75 meters.
The submarine has a spacious, air-conditioned cabin with 44 passengers and crew members. Passengers can enjoy comfortable seats and personal TV monitors at each porthole. In the unlikely event of an emergency, oxygen masks are overhead, and available life jackets are stored under the seats.
Enjoy your Sindbad Submarine super adventure!