Why do we call our glass bottom boats unique?

Prepare for a thrilling voyage aboard the Quest, a groundbreaking fish-eye glass-bottom speed boat that will redefine your perception of exploration. With its astonishing field of view, the Quest invites you to witness the wonders of the coral reefs and the captivating sea creatures in a way you've never imagined. Embark on an adrenaline- fueled adventure as you glide through the crystal-clear waters, with the transparent frontage offering a breathtaking view of the picturesque Hurghada coastline.

But what truly sets the Quest apart is its unparalleled speed, allowing you to reach the Red Sea's most coveted coral reefs in record time. Experience the thrill of visiting three different coral sites in a single trip, maximizing your time to revel in the mesmerizing underwater world. Unlike ordinary glass- bottom boats that are sluggish and limited in range, our hydrofoil- powered and aerodynamically designed Quest achieves speeds of up to 40 knots while consuming minimal fuel. Prepare to turn heads and ignite envy as you effortlessly navigate the waterways—because the Quest is not just a boat, it's your fast shuttle to the underwater world.

It allows an enlarging field of view dozens of times compared to ordinary glass bottom boats. For instance, the field of view at a nine-metre depth is the size of half a basketball court: it's indeed a new quality of underwater observation.

Diesel Engine and full commercial load consume 50 l/100 km or 30 l/ hour (4.7 mpg) at cruising speed. It's the best index for 30ft speed boats.

Ordinary glass bottom boats are slow, and most of the excursion time is taken by underwater sightseeing. They have a small range and often can't reach fascinating sites. Maybe you think that our boats are the same… you would be mistaken. Because of the hydrofoil and aerodynamic shape quest, glass-bottom boats make up to 40 knots while consuming minimum fuel. Quest with a diesel engine and full commercial load consumes 50 l/100 km or 30 l/ hour (4.7 mpg) at cruising speed. It's the best index for 30 t speed boats.

The futuristic Quest design attracts stares; our glass bottom boats demand attention at any beach and marina. That's why quest tours always find their market, and it's an effective business. The Quest – your fast shuttle to the underwater world!

The Specifications

View Depth 9 Meters
Speed Up to 40 knots
Capacity 15 Persons
Free Transfer

Private Trips

A private tour of Sindbad Quest is a great opportunity to have a wonderful view of all the Red Sea's magical reefs and marine life.