February 07, 2023

The Red Sea is truly an underwater paradise. The reefs of the Red Sea provide an infinite array of habitats to sea creatures. For some fish, it’s a refuge to escape from marauding predators under coral umbrella formations. Others lurk here in ambush or hide their eggs or their young. These reef-dwelling creatures look for shelter or food, like other fish, algae, plankton, or coral polyps. 

What you’re about to see with the Sindbad Quest glass-bottom boat is unrivaled. The Red Sea has an explosion of vibrant colors in store for you. The garish colorings made up of blotches or stripes of contrasts are just mind-boggling. Equally varied are the forms that many fish can take on. Before your eyes float, dart or hoover fish of serpentine shape like cornet fish, tapered like groupers and wrasse, flattened or compressed like angelfish and butterflyfish. Each different shape is linked to the habits of each species and the type of colonies of corals in which it lives. 

The Sinbad Quest glass-bottom boat is a perfect means to explore the intriguing underwater world of the Red Sea near Hurghada. The stunning view from the Sindbad Quest is both extensive and panoramic due to the fish-eye design of the transparent frontage. Our glass-bottom speedboat has become the benchmark in underwater observation. It seats 15 guests to offer an incredible view of coral reefs and fascinating sea creatures down to 9 meters.

Traditional glass bottom boats are slow. Usually, transportation absorbs the majority of excursion time. The range of traditional glass bottoms is too tiny to cover remote sites. However, hydrofoil and the aerodynamic shape of the Sindbad Quest glass-bottom boats have been able to speed up to 40 knots and minimize oil consumption. It allows guests to cover the best coral reefs of the Red Sea in no time.

A high-speed adventure with the Sindbad Quest glass bottom boat with its futuristic design, an eye-catcher by itself, is an excellent opportunity to see the Red Sea's magical underwater world and splendor come to life. Your aquatic journey lasts 2 hours and includes stops at two different reefs to admire fish and corals through the glass and one stop for snorkeling.

The languages spoken on board are Arabic, English, and Russian. Included are bottled water, soft drinks, and the use of snorkeling equipment. The Sindbad Quest glass-bottom boat is also available for private trips.