Splash Heaven At Sindbad Aqua Park

January 26, 2023

Sindbad Aqua Park’s spectacular attractions tailor to the preference of both children and adults. If you like the thrill of the moment and love a challenge, the design of our attractions suits all your tastes. Our series of slides make Sindbad Aqua Park very attractive and exciting! It’s a water-spraying experience like no other park in Hurghada!

Sindbad Aqua Park in Hurghada features different attractions in a tropical setting to fill any family’s day with pure entertainment and unadulterated fun. Our attractions provide a lot of joy and encourage children and adults to play. Parents even become children again!

Now, let’s stimulate your imagination! It’s play and splash time! Whether you want to slide down a chute like a daredevil, brave the waves in our wave pool, or plunge down our exciting water slides. It’s play and splash time, from thrilling tubes and body slides. From wild to mild, there's hassle-free entertaining stuff for everyone! That’s Sindbad Aqua Park for you!

Boomerang Slide

This is the top-of-the-bill feature at Sindbad Aqua Park. Here you plunge into the water with double or single-inflated tubes. The Boomerang takes riders taller than 1 metre 10cm and lighter than 182kg.

High Thrill

The High Hill is an adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding, water-spraying speed slide in Sindbad Aqua Park. It admits riders taller than 1m.

Sky Dive

The Sky Dive is the tallest, steepest, and fastest Sindbad Aqua Park offers. You rocket down with high speed into the pool. 

Octopus Slide

Do you prefer a conveniently-paced attraction with various curves? We created the octopus design for you, and it's suitable for all ages!

Pool Slide

Do you like a moderately-paced slide with many curves? Then the Pool Slider is a perfect fit for you! It's suitable for all ages.

Space Bowl

The spectacular Space Bowl allows riders taller than 1 metre 10cm and lighter than 182kg on double or single-inflated tubes.

Junior Slides

A fantastic variation of mini slides for the juniors amongst us, assuring a world of 

Toods Pool 

Toods pool is a 70cm deep splash pool, providing a mixture of mini slides, adding to a world of great fun for our little ones!

Play Pond 

This shallow splash pool secures a lot of you and safe play for the whole family.

Wave Pool

Anticipate rolling waves at 15-minute intervals in our huge Wave Pool in a tropical setting and an artificial beach

Kid's Club

Especially for the young and very young ones! Our Kid's Club is located in Sindbad  Aqua Park to the left of Botanica Restaurant. We are open daily from 10 am to 4 pm.

Secret Garden is an open-air, zoned-off playground with a soft play area, gentle slides, mazes, swings and more. 

Alchemy Theatre

Your favourite kids' movies are being played in Alchemy Theatre every night starting at 7 pm. The Alchemy Theatre also houses our kids' mini disco with our in-house DJ, starting at 8:30 pm.

The entrance to attractions is subject to age, height and weight. Infants below four years old are free of charge. Our children’s policy is applied from 4 to 10 years old.

The Sindbad Aqua Park is open from 10:00 am until sunset.